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Fpm version 0.7.0 released

This release introduces preprocessor support in the fpm.toml manifest, allowing for preprocessor macros, file suffixes and directories where the preprocessor should run. This feature was implemented as part of Arteev Raina’s Google Summer of Code 2022 project. Furthermore, fpm has now the ability to compile C++ source files in addition to Fortran and C. Finally, the ability to define compiler profiles in the fpm.toml manifest has been added, although the profile settings are not currently used in the build process.

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Fpm version 0.6.0 released

This release introduces a better visualization for the build output, compiler output is only shown on error to keep the standard output clean for successful builds. Furthermore, fpm can now detect unused modules and avoids compiling modules that are not needed for an application, which improves the compilation speed with large dependencies like stdlib. When creating a new project with fpm the author information are now taken from the git configuration to avoid using placeholders in the manifest. Several more bug fixes and plenty of improvements went into this version as well.

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Fpm 0.5.0 uitgebracht

In deze release hebben we een groot aantal bugs opgelost en veel verbeteringen doorgevoerd in de tools bij fpm, zoals continue bouw en levering en de installatie voor Windows. Onder de nieuwe functionaliteit vind je betere mogelijkheden om de compiler/linker te selecteren en een slimmere build-backend (testen worden bijvoorbeeld alleen gebouwd indien nodig en link-afhankelijkheden worden netter bijgehouden).

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