Fpm version 0.8.2 released

Fpm version 0.8.2 released

Registry preview release.

This release introduces fpm support for uploading packages to the fpm-registry server directly from the command-line interface, via

fpm upload --token <token-here>

fpm will now interact with a web interface that will help to manage the namespaces & packages. The release includes furhter bugfixes and extensions for C/C++ support as detailed in the changelog.

Thanks to @minhqdao, @perazz and everyone who contributed to this release! This release was supported by the Sovereign Tech Fund (STF).


  • Not store temporary data in .local (#900) by @minhqdao

  • Add flags to link main programs with C/C++ main (#896) by @perazz

  • replace unix with is_unix to avoid intel fpp collisions (#894) by @perazz

  • Fix bootstrapping on Windows (#892) by @minhqdao

  • Improve error message for [build] structure errors (#890) by @perazz

  • Fix multiple installs (#888) by @perazz

  • Fix –show-package-version (#887) by @minhqdao

  • Update Windows CI image compiler to MinGW gfortran 10.4.0 (#881) by @perazz

  • Implement fpm publish (#876) by @minhqdao

  • Automated dependency update: restore deterministic behavior (#875) by @perazz

Full Changelog: https://github.com/fortran-lang/fpm/compare/v0.8.1…v0.8.2