Fortran-Paketmanager (fpm)

Fortran-Paketmanager (fpm)

Fortran-Paketmanager (fpm)

Paketmanager und Build-System für Fortran

Willkommen bei der Dokumentation des Fortran-Paketmanagers (fpm).


Diese Seiten befinden sich derzeit im Aufbau. Beiträge und Rückmeldungen sind immer willkommen.


Instructions on how to install fpm across Windows, Linux, macOS and more.


Lerne über die Verwendung von fpm zur Fortran-Entwicklung, die Erstellung von Projekten und die Verwaltung von Abhängigkeiten.

How-To Rezepte

Praktische Anleitungen und Rezepte für die Lösung spezifischer Probleme mit fpm


Spezifikationen der fpm Komponenten und Referenzen für die Implementierung


Es sind bereits viele Pakete für die Verwendung mit fpm verfügbar, die ein leicht zugängliches und reichhaltiges Ökosystem von Allzweck- und Hochleistungscode bieten. Eine vollständige Liste der Pakete befindet sich in der fpm registry. Neue Pakete können der Registry hier vorgelegt werden.


Neueste Ereignisse rund um den Fortran-Paketmanager, wie neue Releases, Konferenz Vorträge und neue Pakete werden hier angekündigt.

  • Fpm version 0.8.2 released (2023-05-11)

    Registry preview release.

  • Fpm version 0.8.1 released (2023-04-11)

    This release introduces a hotfix for the automated dependency tree feature introduced in v0.8.0. Fpm now restored backward-compatible dependency priority, which ensures that, whenever different versions of the same dependency are found down the dependency tree, the first and foremost is used. Unnecessary dependency updates are also shed from the build process.

  • Fpm version 0.8.0 released (2023-04-07)

    This release introduces support for enabling and disabling language features in fpm, such as implicit typing or default source form. By default, fpm now tries to disable implicit typing rules, implicit external interfaces and assumes the source form is always free. The options can be overwritten in the manifest for each project.

  • Fpm version 0.7.0 released (2022-10-26)

    This release introduces preprocessor support in the fpm.toml manifest, allowing for preprocessor macros, file suffixes and directories where the preprocessor should run. This feature was implemented as part of Arteev Raina’s Google Summer of Code 2022 project. Furthermore, fpm has now the ability to compile C++ source files in addition to Fortran and C. Finally, the ability to define compiler profiles in the fpm.toml manifest has been added, although the profile settings are not currently used in the build process.

  • Fpm version 0.6.0 released (2022-06-19)

    This release introduces a better visualization for the build output, compiler output is only shown on error to keep the standard output clean for successful builds. Furthermore, fpm can now detect unused modules and avoids compiling modules that are not needed for an application, which improves the compilation speed with large dependencies like stdlib. When creating a new project with fpm the author information are now taken from the git configuration to avoid using placeholders in the manifest. Several more bug fixes and plenty of improvements went into this version as well.