Fpm version 0.10.0 released


Fpm version 0.10.0 released

The latest release of the Fortran Package Manager (FPM) showcases a range of updates geared towards enhancing functionality and user experience. Key improvements include significant advancements in MPI support, now allowing the usage of MPI modules in metapackages. On the command line interface, a --dry-run option for fpm publish has been added, allowing users to simulate the publishing process. This release also brings various bug fixes and performance improvements. For a full list of changes please see below.


  • search MPI runner in %MS_MPI% and PATH also in get_mpi_runner by @perazz in

  • Add --dry-run option to fpm publish by @minhqdao in

  • MPI: add mpi and mpi_f08 to the list of external modules by @perazz in

  • Fix module-naming typo by @minhqdao in

  • Add developer documentation for run(3f) and example program by @urbanjost in

  • Allow overriding metapackages with standard dependency syntax by @perazz in

  • Parse intrinsic and non_intrinsic used modules by @perazz in

  • Fix convert_to_absolute_path by @minhqdao in

  • remove arbitrary limit on width of input files, corrects #902 by @urbanjost in

  • Just some refactoring by @minhqdao in

  • use clang in lieu of gcc as C compiler for homebrew-openmpi action by @perazz in

  • Remove ENV_VARIABLE() as it duplicates the functionality of GET_ENV() by @urbanjost in

  • Add verbose printouts options to git_archive and upload_form by @minhqdao in

  • update jonquil version by @urbanjost in

  • Clean up clean command by @minhqdao in

  • MPI: check presence of a runner command only with run and test apps by @perazz in

  • Fix unallocated targets array by @perazz in

  • Dependency-level macro setting by @perazz in

  • Fix broken links in by @perazz in

  • Add -O3 optimization flags for intel compiler (release profile) by @perazz in

  • Make install script executable by @everythingfunctional in

  • MPI fixes (macOS build/link flags), oneAPI ifort->ifx switch; turn off MSMPI CI by @perazz in

  • FPM Release v0.10.0 by @gnikit in

Full Changelog:…v0.10.0

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