Fpm version 0.7.0 released

Fpm version 0.7.0 released

This release introduces preprocessor support in the fpm.toml manifest, allowing for preprocessor macros, file suffixes and directories where the preprocessor should run. This feature was implemented as part of Arteev Raina’s Google Summer of Code 2022 project. Furthermore, fpm has now the ability to compile C++ source files in addition to Fortran and C. Finally, the ability to define compiler profiles in the fpm.toml manifest has been added, although the profile settings are not currently used in the build process.

Find the full release notes here.

Many thanks to Lewis McMillan (@lewisfish), Damian Rouson (@rouson), Giannis Nikiteas (@gnikit), Laurence Kedward (@LKedward), Sebastian Ehlert (@awvwgk), Zuo Zhihua (@zoziha), Jakub Jelínek (@kubajj), Arteev Raina (@arteevraina) for contributing patches to this release.


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